Anwar Mohammed
I was very pleased with the preparations for my Hajj, the videos you sent us were very informative , the e-mails up-dating us all along were helpful and your staff on the phone were very courteous. I was equally pleased for the service you provided during the Hajj. I was very satisfied with the service you provided, and I have told and will continue to tell people how great Alhira tours and Travel was. I will use your service again if Allah gives me to opportunity. May Allah reward your for your efforts and may He bless SIT. Ameen.
Mohammed Ismail
Alhira Tours and Travels fulfilled all promises made to us for Hajj. We were very pleased with all services. I highly recommend this company and have recommended them to family/friends. We plan to use them again in the future, inshaAllah.
Syed Junaid
I solemenly believe this organization is a reputable company spending time in Allah’s path and doing for good deeds for Akarat for the whole Muslim ummah and in the service of all Hujjaj. I recommend them.